It's Almost Summer

It almost feels surreal that it's the kids last week of school. And temperatures have hit triple digits over here, basically sucking any and all motivation out of me on the week when I need it most. I described this week to Ian as the sprint to the finish line at the end of a marathon. It's the last push and I can see the finish line, but it takes so much freaking effort. The kids have been wanting to get in the pool every afternoon, which is extremely understandable with the freaking heat. But Connor says to me yesterday that he only ever remembers me going swimming with him once. Uh...maybe because I've yet to go in this year. Which, of course, I drug my butt in the pool yesterday to prove that I can swim! But seriously, I went with them so many times last summer and before we had a pool, I was always in the pool with them when we had swimming play dates at other people's houses. Selective memory, I guess.

But seriously, why is it so freaking hot on like the busiest school week of the year?! Oh well. I will power through. And will possibly linger longer than I normally do in the kids AIR CONDITIONED classrooms, because I am so cheap that we all drip with sweat in our own house. But yay for school almost being done. On Friday I don't have to set an alarm and I am so freaking excited about that...and crossing my fingers and toes that the kids don't decided to get up at the break of dawn that morning.

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