Isla's Preschool Graduation

This not so little girl graduated from preschool last week. It seems crazy that this journey with Isla is over. It seems only weeks ago that Connor's teacher was encouraging me to start Isla in preschool at a little under 3 years old, rather than waiting. So I went for it. Then we decided to keep her there for pre-k for two years in a row and even chose to have to same amazing teachers both years. I remember Isla's first year of school how she brought the same thing to show and tell almost every week, a stuffed kitty. This girl's love of crafts is amazing. And so is her love of her friends. She has grown and changed so much in the three years she has been at lighthouse. And so have I. Honestly, I know I am having a way harder time saying goodbye than she is. Though she really is bummed about leaving so many of her friends. But about the graduation. 

During the graduation there was a slideshow of the year set to music. Isla asked if she could dance in the isle next to me and I said yes. Then her little friend sitting behind us joined her. We were sitting toward the back and they danced their way to the front. Once they got up there, a bunch of kids joined in. Isla even managed to make her way on to the stage. It was all pretty funny. Then, when it was Isla's turn to graduate and walk across the stage, she stopped and curtsied at her teacher Cindy. This girl, she certainly doesn't lack personality! 

After the graduation was a reception. Isla was pretty hyped up. She wanted to run around with all her friends and wasn't super happy about me making her stop to take pictures. It was a really good night. I lingered around saying goodbye to Isla's teachers. I even made them take a picture with me. It's hard to put into words what they have meant to me over the past three years (they had Connor one year, then Isla for two). I'm really going to miss them.  

^^ Isla and I with her teachers. And there she goes curtsying again! 

^^ Isla with my parents

^^ Isla with Ian's parents

^^ Isla with my brother...which it's kind of fitting that she would make a funny face in a picture with her fun uncle. 

And a little look back at Isla's time at preschool - her first day of preschool (both her and Connor were so little!), my first preschool mother's day tea with her, her first day of pre-k and her first day of pre-k year two.

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