Mother's Day Tea Party with Isla

^^ All the moms were given a flower clip to put in their hair before entering the tea. Isla stole my flower at the first opportunity. 

^^ She looks overjoyed singing her mother's day song, haha!

^^ With her friends (from left) Becca, Aubrella, Aubrey, Ally and Isla.

On Friday, I had a last with Isla...cue all the tears. My last mother's day tea party with Isla. I have loved these since Connor started preschool. They are just such a fun and special time with each kid. And Isla has been with these teachers for the past two years, since we decided to skip transitional kindergarten and have her do pre-k again, and we opted for the same teachers the second year. So it is a bit of a tough goodbye. But back to the mother's day tea. It was an under the sea theme. The kids sang a song, then joined us at the tables. They made the most adorable canvas, that is currently perched on our mantle. I love it so much. I think it may be my favorite mother's day craft yet, though I do still have all of them from preschool still displayed around our house (five in total). 

Seating at the tea was assigned, and Isla and I were with the group of girls pictured above and their moms. It was such a fun table. We were laughing about how we were grubbing out on the food and every other table was barely eating anything. It really was a fun group. I know Isla is going to be sad, not having any of these girls at school with her next year. But she is super excited that one of the boys in her class with be at kindergarten with her and she talks about it and tells people all the time. It's really cute. 

Now that I think about it, I really am glad I got this special time with Isla because all our mother's day plans were derailed when not only did Ian get the flu, but so did my poor mom that came into tow for mother's day. Even if we didn't get to go all out celebrating, I am still so thankful for my title as mom. It is probably one of my most coveted titles I have. It means the world to me and the kids that call me it mean more than the world to me.   

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