When Your Sister...

When your sister colors all over your face (and scalp!), then tries to pass it off as you. Nice try Isla, but Callum's skills aren't that good yet. One does have to wonder how she got him to just stand there while she did that. I mean, she was even able to use multiple colors. And poor Callum got a double whammy from Isla, because when she saw me scrubbing his face, she wanted to help! It was bad enough that I had to scrub until he wouldn't tolerate it anymore, fed him a popsicle, then scrub again. 

On the plus side, Isla now knows not to color on peoples faces. Are my kids the only kids that do random things then say, "You never told me not to?!" I always think, I never thought I would have to tell you not to...insert the craziest things you would never imagine having to tell someone NOT to do. The struggle is real people. 

^^ Can we all take a moment to laugh about the look on Callum's face in this picture?! That truly is how he felt about the whole situation. Poor kid got the raw end of the deal. 

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  1. Lolll!!! Little brother problems FOR SURE.

  2. Yes it is my sweet frustrated friend, yes it is!!! I look forward to your book on parenting when it comes out. I'd like a signed copy please. I have no doubt it will make the New York parent top 5!!! Love you girly. I know your struggle is real.


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