We took a quick trip to Disneyland over the weekend. Because a quick trip with an accountant during busy season is all I am going to get! Though I have to admit, having Ian off for three days in a row felt pretty dang decadent. I love that man so much and enjoy having him around. Exploring with our crew is just the cherry on top. 

So Disneyland. Yeah, it's sure not for the faint of heart with three kids in tow. But we managed pretty dang well...though there may have been an incident with a lady not liking Isla's bubble wand and Isla calling the lady a "silly goose" then proceeding to stick the bubble wand right in front of the lady's face. We got there not long after the park opened. Not long in, we stumbled upon jedi training, only to find out it was already full for the day. We got the kids on the alternate list and managed to get them in on the first show we tried. Which, Connor loved...and apparently the sight of Darth Vader makes Isla curl up in a ball on the ground. 

Connor got to experience all sorts of "big kid" rides and loved them, which make me so incredibly happy. Kids getting older and getting to enjoy things I remember as being so much fun as a kid are one of my favorites, so yay for Connor loving space mountain! Isla got all done up at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. I'm pretty sure the makeup was her favorite part. She wanted to pose with her eyes shut after so the eye make up would be seen. 

We were going to watch the electric parade, but tight quarters and Isla's bubble wand (remember the incident above?!) weren't proving super fun. So I instead told Isla we would find a big open space for Isla to dance around with her bubble wand and she was perfectly happy. We ended up leaving about 9pm, getting back to the car right as the fireworks were going off. And given that we were parked on the roof of the parking garage, we had the perfect view. 

It was a really good and full day. One that I promise Callum was with us for, though he didn't really make it into pictures and spent most of the time in the stroller or carrier. And now, here's one million pictures for you to look at...or scroll to the bottom to see a little video of our day. 

^^ Connor driving on autopia. He kept saying "steady she does it" which was cracking me up. I don't know where he learned that line from. 

^^ Using the force from a safe distance back

^^ Oh hey Mickey! I'm not sure you were worth the incredibly long line to see you, but we all survived.

^^ He wanted a pretzel so bad, and we finally found a stand with one! 

^^ Isla's fairy godmother in training walking her to the salon. I have to admit, I was blown away with how well the lady interacted with Isla the whole time, always asking questions and never breaking character. 

^^ Connor rebuilt and redesigned his lightsaber a couple times before deciding on the one.

Anyone still there? If you actually made it all the way to the bottom, well done. You deserve an award.

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Multitasking Parent

I read an article that said that being a good multitasker isn't something to brag about because basically with multitasking instead of doing one thing well, you are doing a few things not so well. But, any parent will tell you, the key to parenting is multitasking. I mean, I don't know what multitasking is if it isn't trying to keep a baby's hands out of the toilet while you are pulling up your pants! I digress.

Here's one you don't see every day, a multitasking dad; roasting coffee and taking care of his baby. It was a scene I stumbled upon that sort of made my day. I love that this guy is not only passionate about his coffee, but he also is passionate about his kids and helping out. So, here's to all the multitasking dads out there. You rock!

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Isla Said What?! {five}

I wish I did a better job keeping track of the things that my kids say, because they crack me up on a daily basis with what comes out of their mouths...even if half of it is inappropriate and may never be repeated! 

Mom, it looks like we may have a problem. Mom, now we officially have a problem!

I'm newin pooin. You know what that means mom? Almost everything I'm wearing is new.

I'm going to close my eyes. I don't want to see you guys slobbery kiss.

My hair's been a bit floppy today (i.e. keeps going in her face).

The leaves are dancing (i.e. blowing in the wind).

The boss of my mom is my dad.
When I heard her telling someone this, I was seriously like "Uh, WHAT?!"

Upon discovering Isla didn't flush the toilet:
I did that for you mom. Aren't you going to say thank you?

Mom you're so funny because you have a crazy brain. 
I'll just take that as a compliment! 

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IT WORKS FOR ME: laundry

I always like hearing from other people about how things work in their house and why they work the way they do. Yet, I also feel like everyone these days acts as if they know all about every subject they write about and can't say "this works for us, if it doesn't work for you, that's ok." Because of this, I decided to start a new little series called it works for me. I plan on covering all sorts of topics, mostly to give a glimpse into the day to day of our lives, but also to show why these things work well for us.

Now for a "hot" topic for moms:


Well all have it. Probably more of it than we even want. And how we all stay on top of it, or ignore it, varies from house to house. I know people that do all the laundry in the hampers every evening in their house. I know people that go weeks until there are no clothes left (we really don't have enough clothes in our house to go more than a week). I land somewhere in the middle.

It works for me.

I tend to do at least one load of laundry a day, usually during the day. I throw things like dirty bibs and Callum's clothes after dinner right into the washer and they sit there, then get washed with whatever is getting washed next. Then, I wash everyone's clothes when their hampers get full. Connor and Isla share a hamper, so their's usually fills up the fastest. Towels and sheets get washed whenever I feel like it, I really don't have a rhyme or reason to when I do it.

The real key to my madness is, I put away the loads of laundry after it comes out of the dryer. It takes all of 5 minutes. But, if I let the clean clothes pile up, it seems to become such a chore to put them away. So, I really work to not let them pile up...plus, like I said, we don't have a ton of clothes, so they need to go back into the drawers to be used again.

So there you have it. My exciting (sense the sarcasm) laundry routine. Even if this bored you to sleep, which, if it did, you're welcome for the cat nap, at least you get to see a picture of a cute baby who loves watching the washer and dryer go round and round.

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Callum Feeds Himself

^^ This may be my favorite picture ever! He isn't angry here, but actually holding up his bowl, screaming in pure joy.

The other day, I put Callum in his high chair to feed him and he literally went crazy. He was screaming and kicking and throwing himself around. Yeah, that toddler will has come roaring to the surface of my adorable babe. I had a feeling the real problem was that he wanted to feed himself. I tried handing him the spoon with some oatmeal on it, but he wanted the bowl too. So, I pulled him out, stripped him down, then put him back in his chair again and let him go to town.

Though he attempted to use his spoon a few times, he mostly just used his hand to scoop up the oatmeal and put it in his mouth. Then he would lick his fingers and start all over again. It was actually quite comical to watch. Aww, the messy stage of learning to feed yourself. It's fun when you have time to clean, but doing a deep cleaning of the house and a babe after every meal can get a little tiring. It comes with the territory though.

And if you want to see Callum in action, here is a short video clip of him eating his oatmeal.

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little moments not to be forgotten

// peek-a-boo //
// aloe vera clippings from a neighbor //
// writing...imagining //
// bubble blowing //
// eating //
// discarded drawings //
// baseball practice //
// happy boy //

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Callum {1 year, 3 months}

Weight: 21 pounds, 6 ounces
Length: 31 inches
tooth count: 8

Likes: playing/unloading cupboards or any drawer, puzzles, peek-a-boo, oranges, rice, going up stairs
Dislikes: being dropped off at nursery, his diaper being changed

Once Callum started moving, it's like a whole new world opened up. Sure, he is still entertained watching the world go by, but he also wants to get down and explore. He wants to go anywhere he can, and generally as far away from me as he can, then will turn around and cheekily smile at me. He seems to sense when the gate is down on the stairs and goes straight for them with gusto. The same is true for anything he isn't supposed to get in to. Want to see him crawl fast? Put a tub of legos across the room from him and you will be shocked how fast he can reach it!

Callum still crawls "funny", as everyone seems to say. That means he is still crawling with his right leg in front of him and sort of hopping. He loves going up the stairs, but still doesn't know how to go down them. We've tried teaching him, but he doesn't have much interest. He pulls himself to standing and stands on his tip toes to reach things. He cruises along furniture and will move from one piece of furniture to another. He also walks pushing things. And it doesn't necessarily need to be toys. He will walk pushing the vacuum or even a dining room chair. 

Callum still loves baths and really playing in any water, for that matter. I often times will give him a sink bath right after dinner. Not only does it leave him nice and clean, but sometimes I will do the dinner dishes on the opposite side of the sink while he is bathing! When Connor or Isla are in the bath, he will try to join them. But, group baths don't work well for him because he is so incredibly crazy in the bath, he can only have a little bit of water in the tub. 

About the worst thing in the world to Callum are diaper changes. Sometimes he starts crying just seeing the changing table when I am carrying him to it. He literally uses all his might to flip over and fight me the whole entire time. It makes it hard to properly get his diaper on. Sometimes I can distract him with his toothbrush or a phone, but I have to be careful that it doesn't end up in poop...not that I would know or anything ;) 

In terms of sleep, Callum still hasn't fully recovered from learning to stand in his crib. But, it's much better than it was when he first learned to stand, so baby steps, I guess. He goes to sleep with one of us in his room. Depending on the night, either holding our hand through the slats in his crib, or if we are really lucky, with one of us just sitting in the chair in his room...Callum lay down...Callum lay down. I thought he was pretty much ready to switch over from one nap to two, but lately he has been waking up for the day sometime in the 6:00 hour and he definitely needs two naps on those days. 

Callum will eat mostly anything, but has to be in the mood for it. If he's not, or even when he gets full, he just throws the unwanted food onto the floor. I let him feed himself and he generally eats what we are eating - full pieces of pizza, pasta, any and all meats, tomatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, hard boiled egg, oranges, grapes, bananas, pear, apple, etc. 

Callum loves playing with puzzles, emptying drawers of their contents and bugging his brother and sister. He still loves saying no to practically every question asked, waves at people generally after they've turned around and will bite anyone when they least suspect it. He really is a fun one to have around and makes me smile numerous times a day with that cheeky grin he gives me. 

Because I love looking back, Connor and Isla at the same age. 

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