This is my ONE THOUSANDTH post. Now that be crazy! And my blog just had its six year birthday three weeks ago. This got me reminiscing on all that has happened in my life in the past six years. I started this blog not long before we took off for Scotland. Back then I didn't have a love affair with my camera, thus most of my posts didn't contain pictures...I am now kicking myself about this. Pretty much no one who started out reading my blog then reads it today. But, I have picked up new readers along the way and made friends though this place. 

The first few years of this blog were filled with me complaining about tourists and talking about different things in Scotland (haggis and holidays). The funny thing is, though I didn't take many pictures or talk about it incredibly often, what I remember most about Scotland is the beauty of it. The flowers were amazing (I talked about it here  and here), yet so was the snow. Though the snow could be annoying, I never really tired of it. 

This blog has since become bogged down with posts on my children. You know, things like their birth (Connor labor & delivery and Isla), updates on them (Connor and Isla) and everything in between. 

Let us not forget all the traveling that has been done in the past six years. We have made it to Spain (2008), Germany (2008), Prague (2008), Amsterdam (2009), Italy and France (road trip 2010), the west coast to Canada and back (road trip 2012) and numerous trips around California

I am so thankful for this blog of mine. I enjoy being able to go back and see what was going on and how I was feeling at various stages of life. Looking back, the funniest thing for me was seeing my snarkiness tame down over the years (not go away, just tame down!). Oh, and noticing me change from having long hair and wearing make up on and daily basis to, well, not. Regression? Who knows! 

All I know is I originally started this blog saying "I don't want to be sitting around when I am old, talking to my grandchildren and not having any adventures to tell them. So here is me, making some adventures..." I think I will have plenty to choose from!

Here's to many more adventures (both big and small) in my future!

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  1. Happy Thousandth! I like your attitude of "making adventures". Here's to many more!


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