Swim Lessons

Connor had his last swim lesson today. And, well, I guess I can say he (and the teacher) survived the experience. Poor guy just has so many fears and deep water (like any water deeper than a foot) and pool filters appear to be on the list. Yes, you read that correctly, pool filters. The kid has an extreme fear of them.

blowing bubbles

But I must say, this last lesson ended on a good note. The prior three lessons were very challenging for Connor (or more, Connor was very challenging for his teacher) as he didn't want to do anything and would wrap his legs around the teacher to keep himself out of the water.

It's funny to watch Connor's little personality come out in situations like this though. When his teacher told him she wanted him to get his ears wet (because she wanted him to go further in the water), he turned his head to the side and stuck his ear in the water! Such a smart little boy.

He did actually calm down and cooperate enough this lesson to put his whole face in the water and blow bubbles, kick around the pool on a kick board, "swim" (while the teacher held his mid section) and float. He really has trouble with floating. He totally gets the concept, but hates having water that close to his face, so literally cries the whole time.

On a positive note, Connor willingly got in the pool each lesson...something he doesn't even do at his grandparents house. Here's to next year and better luck with the pool.

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