Safety First

It started about two weeks ago. Connor was asleep in our bed when Ian's alarm went off. Somehow Connor thought it was the fire alarm (smoke detector). And ever since, he has been obsessed. And by obsessed, I mean over the top, talk about practically nothing else, carry a smoke detector with us everywhere we go, obsessed.

When we go in a house, Connor wants to walk around and see all their smoke detectors. He wants to talk about them working. If one isn't working, he obsesses over it until it is fixed. He noticed a spot on my parents ceiling where a smoke detector belonged, found out it was broken and obsessed until they finally went to the store and bought a new one. Then he talked all about his trip to buy a new one.

And the old one? Well, it accompanies us everywhere. I've had a clerk or two give me the stink eye when I swear that my son brought that with him in the store and it is in fact not unpaid merchandise. So my kid has a weird obsession, what's it to you?! But I do admit, it is rather funny.

At the same time, the whole thing stems from fear. He doesn't like how loud smoke detectors are when they go off. That kid and his fear. It always stems from loud noises. And I feel for him. I was such a fearful child (heck, I was a fearful adult for a while too). I just hope and pray this phase passes without the obsession becoming a crippling fear.

In the mean time, if anyone is needing any assistance with smoke detector placement in their home, Connor is your man!

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  1. My aide has a four year old who is obsessed with dinosaurs. He will watch a movie or a TV show and calmly point out "there's a triceratops"... which will be a small figurine on a large living room set. My aide will have to pause the show to see what his son saw in an instant. It's amazing how little kids can narrow their focus so specifically to see what we glance over!


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