Literally moments after "allowing" Ian to leave the house the other night, this was the scene. Both kids crying and me thinking to myself "what the heck?!". You see, Isla bit Connor (a really bad bite) so he was crying, then I said to Isla "Bad girl, don't bite" and she went into hysterics. So I sat on the floor with two crying children on my lap. The thing is, I was sitting there actually thinking the whole scene was rather funny...and that's why I decided to document it.

This week:

  • Isla got her first pedicure. She was totally into it. It was cute. 
  • That was also Connor's first time in a nail place. He was all sorts of curious and totally wanted his nails painted, but I knew Ian wouldn't be down with that. Any mama's of boys out there allow them to paint their nails?
  • Connor took a nap and subsequently stayed up until after midnight. And that is the reason he no longer takes naps! 
  • I may have been that crazy lady that showed up at Target right when they opened because I knew they were marking down a bunch of toys that morning. But hey, I scored a bunch of Legos for cheap for Connor and now totally have his birthday covered (3.5 months early). 
  • Isla slept really well every night except one this week. Yea! 
  • I took part in a "girly garage sale" on Saturday. Besides making money selling some stuff, the best part was hanging out kid free with some ladies!   


  1. Crying photos totally make me laugh. These are some great ones!

    And I'm intrigued by this "girly garage sale." Please post more.

  2. I'm so bummed I didn't get to stop by on Saturday! and I totally love that you posted these pictures, totally real life stuff. My kids always seem to break down seconds after daddy leaves... what the heck kids.


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