Isla is now in that stage where she loves being read to and will bring you book after book to read to her. At night when I ask her to pick out a couple books for me to read, she always brings every book from her bookshelf to me. It's pretty cute. And I have to admit, one of my favorite things in the world is cuddling up with one of my little people and reading to them. 

This week:
  • I made this pasta salad for out neighborhood night out block party. The only difference is I used lime instead of lemon because well, that's what we had at home. 
  • Backyard play has been happening every day now that Connor is going in the backyard again...and I love it! 
  • Connor is obsessed with smoke detectors and wants to talk about them and point them out constantly. 
  • Isla disrobed herself during her nap time the other day. This was a first for her. 
  • I was planning on taking Connor to the movies, just the two of us. He wanted to go buy new pjs instead (I kid you not). But as soon as we got to the mall, he just wanted to play in the play area. I hope he enjoyed his sister-free mom time. 


  1. Love this photo!! Such a cute one! I also love reading to the kids. It is so fun!

  2. Such a sweet photo. What a way to remember a simple moment. I have lots of fond memories of sitting on my mom's bed, her reading to my brother and I. I specifically remember a non-fiction book about a grizzly bear cub... I loved that one!

  3. Love this picture and your daughter's thirst for reading!

  4. What a great picture. I just adore reading with my girl too. Hopefully little man will have the same interest in reading as his sis.


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