For months Connor wouldn't go in our backyard due to the neighbor's dogs. Ian put up the swing set and he instantly went in the backyard again. Sure, we have to leave the back door open (even when it is super hot outside). But that is a price I am willing to pay to enjoy outdoor play with my kids.

This week:

  • Connor learned about ringing doorbells to get the neighbor kids to come play. Now he just wants to ring their doorbell all the time so they will come out and play. 
  • Isla refused to nap 4 days this week. It wasn't pretty. And whether she thinks so or not, she so still needs to nap. 
  • I drove a stick shift for the first time in 6 years and totally rocked it. I didn't even stall it once. Yes, I am bragging.
  • Remember the sparkly shoes I talked about yesterday? I may or may not have worn them every day since I got them. I told you I liked them! 

So that's it. Oh, and I am feeling totally ready to rock this coming week! Connor has his preview day at preschool (and starts in another week!) and Isla has her first dentist appointment.

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