A Dentist Visit for Connor

Someone has to have that kid that freaks out at the dentist and gives the dentist great stories to tell around the dinner table. So, you are welcome for taking one for the team and allowing that to be my kid. And to think it started out so well...

Connor wasn't even scared going in. Then there were bean bag chairs in the lobby! How could this visit go wrong?! When we walked in the back, he even obediently opened his mouth and allowed the assistant to brush his teeth for a minute. Of course, as this point I was thinking "Who is this kid?!". He hates having his teeth brushed. Well, not long later, the novelty of the situation wore off and the "strong willed" and "independent" (as said by the dentist) Connor came out. 

After working with him for almost an HOUR, he had to be pinned down just for the dentist to count his teeth. He was crying hard core. The assistant was holding him. And the dentist was talking all calm and cool the whole time. I felt horrible. Next, they decided to have me go knee to knee with the dentist and have Connor on our laps. That didn't work so well. They had to bring out the tool that keeps his mouth open and keeps him from biting (and totally gave me dentist visit flashbacks from when I was a child...apparently I wasn't too cooperative either). Well, a good cleaning never happened.

On the plus side, Connor was excitedly talking about the new toothbrush they give him. And the dentist was assuring me that she is sure my daughter will do much better next week...um, sure...cause no one can have two strong willed children!


  1. Oh Jessica, I think we have boys with very very similar personalities. So many of your Connor stories are very similar to Andrew.

  2. At this point, all you can do is laugh, right?

    And all I can do is hope this doesn't happen with my daughter...b/c I'm petrified of her first dentist visit!

  3. I have a feeling Isla isn't exactly what you'd call a pushover...

    I hope the dentist visits get better. It would be really hard if it became a self-fullfilling prophecy: Connor acts out because he's scared, they need to use extra force to hold him, which scares him, which causes him to act out, etc.

    1. I'm hoping that doesn't happen. They did say from ages 3-5 are the hardest at the dentist, so I am hopeful it will get better.


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