A Dentist Visit for Isla

After Connor's dentist appointment last week, you can imagine my apprehension going into Isla's dentist appointment. To make matters worse, I had to wake Isla up for her appointment. I HATE waking my sleeping children for anything. Then, Isla didn't want to brush her teeth. Awesome, I'll be the mom who takes her kid to the dentist with unbrushed teeth and morning breath. I even had my MIL give it a try when she arrived to watch Connor. Isla actually covered her mouth. So to the appointment we went, with completely unbrushed teeth. Just to clarify, my teeth were brushed.

When we got to the dentist, Isla didn't want out of the car. I had to carry her from the car kicking and screaming. Thankfully, once we got inside and I pointed out the fish tank to her, she calmed down. And she had so much fun scribbling on her new patient forms that the receptionist hooked her up with a clipboard of her own to "write" on.

Then it was time for Isla's appointment. They put her in a room of her own. This made me a little nervous, like they knew she was going to scream. Thankfully, while I waited for the dentist, Isla was entertained by the tv in the ceiling.

Though Isla cried during her exam, she didn't fight the exam at all and that made things much easier. The dentist was able to clean her teeth (using the uber scary scraping tool) and then coat her teeth with whatever it is they coat teeth with. As soon as the dentist was done, Isla was all sorts of clingy to me. Of course, once she was offered a sticker, she went right back to her normal bubbly self. 

And just as we entered the dentist office kicking and screaming, so we exited. Isla didn't want to leave. She was having too much fun playing in the waiting room. 


  1. Isn't that the way of it. You have to drag them in and drag them out. But at least she's snapping back to her usual self so fast after scary incidents! Poor girl (and you!)!

  2. I'm so scared to take Taylor and she's turning two in a few months. I know that's when my dentist told me to bring her in. AAAAH!


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