Better late than never, right? We played it old school this {last} week and Connor had fun pushing the button and running to get in the picture. And I have to admit, the outtakes were my favorite part. And because Isla wants to be just like her brother, she wanted to try doing it too. But well, this outtake was my favorite because just look at the smile on my little girl's face. She looks so genuinely happy. And that is Connor on the left, uber close to the camera.  

This {last} week:

  • We went for a family bike ride and Connor chose playing in a playground over getting ice cream!
  • Connor had a swim lesson and judging by how he acted during it, wasn't in the mood to listen or cooperate. 
  • Isla hasn't napped for the past three days. It's been kind of awful and she is in full on meltdown mode by 5pm. For the record, she goes down for naps, but just chills in her crib, talking away and banging on the wall. 
  • I had to take my mom to the train station early one morning. I was driving to her house thinking, "so this is what it looks like when the sun is rising". I am so not a morning person. 
  • I went into the ghetto (like hardcore ghetto) to buy something off craigslist. It wasn't a smart move. Nothing happened. But I will be sticking to public places from here on out. 

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  1. So glad the craigslist transaction turned out okay! When we post something, we only tell people they can come to pick it up during times when my husband is home. Even though we live in a safe place, it's good to be careful!


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