This Mama Just Wants to Sleep

Isla looking all cute the other morning after a full night's sleep

I remember when I worked a paying job that when I worked late into the night, I would come in a couple hours late the next day to make up for it. Or even when I worked at Starbucks and had to be there late for a meeting, then open the next morning, they would pay for a taxi for us. 

With motherhood, there is no reprieve. Last night, despite our best efforts, Isla did not go to sleep until almost midnight. Midnight folks! Then she preceded to wake up four times (FOUR TIMES!!!) before deciding to get up for the day at 6:30am. 

And now I am finding myself pretty useless this afternoon whereas Isla is finding herself still full of life and energy...oh and full of extra cries and needing mom to hold her constantly. All I have to say (if only this were all I had to say) is where is my mom to hold me?!? Or at least hold Isla so I can sleep?!

Here's to hoping tonight is a better night because otherwise I am so calling in sick to work tomorrow! I don't get paid enough to deal with these working conditions ;)

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  1. Being a full time mom is the hardest job! You never get a shift covered and sounds like most moms don't get enough sleep. She sure is adorable though....


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