It All Started with an Instagram Photo

A simple picture of a minion cupcake. I knew Connor would love it. After all, minions are his new obsession (more on that later). I went online and found out where The Cupcake Lady was parked. Super close to my house. But it was cutting it close with when Isla should be waking up from her nap. I may or may not have sped the process along (Oh hi baby girl. Were you not awake yet? Ooops. Well, you may as well get up now...). And we set out.

We arrived only to find out that the minion cupcakes were sold out. However, they would be picking up more before their next stop (a 25 minute drive away). Connor was really looking forward to this cupcake. I had told him all about it. So I asked if I could prepay for two. Let me tell you, walking away without any minion cupcakes was hard for Connor, but he made it through. Then I called Ian and informed him of our little evening excursion.

Ian got home and we set off. We arrived only to find a new worker who said he couldn't find my name on any minion cupcakes. I went back and forth with the guy for five minutes. He tried calling his boss (who I saw earlier in the day) and couldn't get a hold of him. We agreed I would go get dinner, then try to come back for the cupcakes and hope for good news. I went on their Facebook page and messaged them begging them to remember me. And they did, thankfully.

So back to the cupcake truck we went. The guy told me he hadn't heard from his boss. Armed with my phone, I let him read the Facebook message I got from his boss. And I kid you not, he still felt unsure about giving me the cupcakes, but FINALLY handed them over.

We decided to tailgate it in the parking lot and let the kids enjoy their cupcakes. Connor was so excited, smiling and talking to his minion. It was really quite cute. Both kids only got to eat the top before I took the cupcakes away...but don't worry, I let them eat the rest today.

My little minion, all ready for bed

Now for Connor and his minion obsession. My dad was planning on taking my nephew and Connor to see Despicable Me 2 a few weeks back. He decided to leave Connor behind when he said "What's a movie?" and I informed him he had never been to a movie before. However, my parents got both Connor and my nephew a couple minion toys and Connor has been obsessed ever since. He even dresses up as one...all his own idea. He puts on his goggles and a hard hat and calls himself a construction minion. It really is quite cute.


  1. Pinterest has an easy method for making those same cupcakes:

    Just an FYI

    1. Thanks for the tip! I totally need to try to make them on my own.

  2. Hahaha... i love that photo of connor making himself a minion! you should totally drop off connor one and He and Nixon and watch Despicable Me (1).


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