End of an Era

Today marked the end of an era. You see, for the past two years I have hung out with two girls who have boys the same age as Connor. Each week the three of us would meet up at a park, at a house, or really anywhere for the kids to play and us to get some adult time. They are my first true "mommy friends". These girls get me. They get the stage of life I am in. They are fun to be around. None of us take ourselves too seriously, yet I know these girls totally have my back. 

But you see, something big is happening. Next week all three boys will be in preschool, in different classes, with different schedules. Besides holidays and summers, our boys will no longer be getting together to play all the time. tear

But the good news is, we all have younger kids as well. So here is to hoping that the play dates continue because everyone knows play dates are really for the moms! The other good news is, I know these are people are good friends. Our relationships may change and alter, but friends we will stay. 


P.S. How weird is it that Connor will start making his own friends now?! No more mommy choosing his friends for him. 

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  1. One thing about being a working mom is that I don't get to do play dates to hang with other mommies and that makes me sad. Taylor has tons of friends in her daycare class, so I know she's getting her dose of socialization, but I think I would love the occasional date at the park. :)


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