That Time Everything Went Wrong

As a parent I have learned to make the best of practically any situation. Nothing ever goes to plan and there is always at least one hiccup (meltdown, poopsplosion, child hurting themselves, etc.) to deal with. But, you know, you go with the flow. That didn't so much happen yesterday. 

Yesterday Ian was headed to the driving range and I thought it would be fun for the whole family to come along. It started off so well. Connor was excited, Isla was sitting quietly in her stroller. Ian helped Connor hit a few balls. Connor tried running after them and learned he can't cross "the line" to go get them back. 

Then things started going down hill slightly. Connor didn't want to sit back with me and watch Ian hit some balls. Isla suddenly wanted out of her stroller. She then got her turn hitting balls with daddy and that seemed to just wet her appetite for running around. 

Kids started running in opposite directions, crying when I caught them and dragged them back to sit with me. About 5 minutes into our adorable family outing, I beckoned Ian to help me corral the kids to the car and I drove around for a bit while Ian finished practicing his swing in peace. 

But hey, at least I got some cute pictures that made it look like we had a blast! 


  1. Boo! but if you hadn't said anything I would've thought it looked like a great family day out!! lol

  2. If I didn't read this, it totally looks like y'all had a great time. Cute pics <3


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