I have a little copycat that gets ready with me every morning. She brushes her teeth when I brush mine, she puts face lotion on when I do, she puts on deodorant right after me (well, the cap is still on, but she tries), she rubs lotion on her legs when I put it on mine. She watches what I do, then tries her best to copy me.

Yesterday when I was putting away laundry, she picked out two matching socks of mine, then made me put them on her. She returned a couple minutes later with my gym shoes and had me put them on her as well. She then preceded to walk around the house so proud.

I know she is watching. She is learning all about being a girl woman from me. I know the weight of this. I have seen friends and family walk a dangerous path of searching for perfection. Many times walking that dangerous, unhealthy path because of what their own mothers said to them. I don't want that for my girl. I want to raise a strong, confident woman. I want her to be sure of herself, whomever she chooses to be. I want her to know beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I want her to know how to be healthy and take care of herself. But I also want her to know that what truly matters is what is on the inside.

After I nurse Isla at night, I stand up and have her lay her head on my shoulder. I pace her room, holding her in my arms and pray for her. Besides praying that she will sleep through the night (hey, that's important!), I pray that she will come to know the Lord and have a real relationship with Him from a young age. I pray for health and protection. That time with her at night is some of the most precious time to me. I realize she won't always let me hold her and pray. I realize as she grows, she won't even always be with me, but I will still pray. I hope as Isla grows and matures that she not only has a healthy self image and a real relationship with God, but that she know her mama is always in her corner rooting for her, whether she knows it at the time or not.


  1. This totally made me tear up. Beautifully said.

  2. Totally just cried. Such sweet words for your little girl! You are a great mama!!


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